Minnesota Divorce MediatorTo give a correct answer to, ‘is divorce mediation right for you?,’ you must first know what divorce mediation is! Divorce mediation is a process in which both spouses sit down with a neutral third party and attempt to resolve the issues within their divorce. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to be getting along to use a Minnesota divorce mediator. At AMS Mediation, we can walk you through the steps of divorce mediation and find out if it is the right option for you and your family. Once you consider the financial and emotional costs of a divorce, you may want to give mediation a try!

Is the Decision to Divorce Mutual?

If both parties agree that the marriage should be dissolved, it is easier to begin working together on a settlement in mediation. However, if the idea of getting divorced is a surprise to one side, it may be easier for that person to resist cooperation and make it harder to move along with mediation. However, this can still change with the passing of time.

Do You Understand the Financial Situation?

Apart from the emotional endeavor your body endures, the financial issues surrounding divorce can feel like an elephant sitting on your chest. The financial reality that divorcing couples are faced with can be disheartening. At AMS Mediation, we can help you and your spouse get a handle on your financial situation but you must be comfortable talking about financial matters with everyone. Separating joint finances into individual finances can be trying and cause debate. it’s important to have a neutral party to highlight the different viewpoints of both sides.

Do You Want to Stay On Good Terms With Your Spouse?

Courtroom brawls often lead to at least one person upset with the outcome. No one wants to be the one hurt in the battle, and do you really want to be the one doing the hurting? If there is no physical violence, no alcohol or drug abuse, and you feel like your spouse is a pretty good parent to any children you may have had together, divorce mediation may be a great option for you. We can give you tools to help build a relationship for co-parenting and even lead to the possibility of friendship. Having a functional relationship after a divorce is the ideal situation for any couple looking to divide.

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