Currently, there is some confusion as to what Divorce Mediation is and how it works. The term “mediation” is somewhat vague in its different interpretations. In the area related to a Minnesota divorce, in simple terms, the Divorce Mediation Process Means Compromise between both parties. A Skilled Divorce Mediator like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation can have a significant impact on the divorce process by reducing the Time, Cost and Conflict of courtroom litigation. After all, Mediation has been used as a means to Resolve Conflict for thousands of years.

Ways a Divorce Mediator Impacts MN Divorce

The days leading up to a divorce filing, during the divorce process and post-divorce can be some of the most trying times of your life. Emotions often run high and cloud the ability to have fair judgment. A Skilled Mediator helps both parties to resolve conflict outside of the courtroom setting by judging the legal merits of cases put forth by both parties. The result of MN Divorce Mediation is very often a fair settlement that is in the best interest of the children and possibly the best interest of both parties.

  • Less Time
  • Less Cost
  • Less Conflict

Divorce Mediation Process

As a whole, the Divorce Mediation Process is a client-centered approach to resolving conflicts through a Neutral Mediator. To begin the Divorce Mediation, AMS Mediation suggests that you take advantage of our free one hour consultation. During the session you will be given information on how the process works and if our services are a good fit for your situation. Both parties will receive information simultaneously and get a feeling for working with a neutral mediator.

No Case is Too Complicated for Divorce Mediation

As a Divorce Mediator, AMS Mediation has assisted numerous Minnesota couples with finding a peaceful settlement faster than working within the traditional courtroom litigation process. No case is too complicated for the divorce mediation process to be successful. Each party can choose whether or not to bring an attorney along to mediation.

Accepting Personal Responsibility for Positive Outcome

The successful mediation process utilizes the skill of a professional mediator to reach a fair compromise between both parties. When each party accepts Personal Responsibility for reaching a Positive Outcome, mediation can usually speed the process along and save a considerate amount of money.

Skilled Minnesota Divorce Mediator

AMS Mediation provides Professional Divorce Mediation Services for Minnesota couples wanting to dissolve their marriage. As a Neutral Divorce Mediator, we will work with both parties to Resolve Conflict and reach a Positive Outcome through Compromise. The Divorce Mediation Process is often completed in Less Time, Less Conflict and Less Cost than traditional divorce litigation.

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