MN Parenting MediationDivorce is never an easy route nor a path on would wish to thrive for. With the help of Amber M. Serwat Mediation we can help you by many of our highly recommended services involving the whole process from start to finish. When the proceedings involve children we take special consideration with what would be the best option for the children’s growth and living. Signing up for an early neutral evaluation is, at times, recommended by the court system but is voluntary. With the early evaluation it is a possible route to take before trial to get all your and the other parties ducks in a row without needing to reach a judge first. Call us today for a free consultation from a professional mediator and let us help you move passed this difficult time. We offer a lot of parenting services as well when it comes down to tough calls that may be needed to be solved in the future.

Parenting Mediation

Parenting during divorce is very touchy subject at times. When dealing with the dilemma of scheduling parenting time, child support, managing the parents residential move, and much more it is best to have help from an experienced mediator that is non-judgmental or biased to any of the parties. Although the steps we take here are just to capitalize on the low cost and high effectiveness in the end we can also assist you in making one of the best option agreements formalized by the court system. During this time, we act as a friendly, open, and neutral party to listen and recommend ways to have everyone on the same page and receive what is needed. Call us today to set up a parenting mediation!

Parenting Coach

Along with the mediation services we offer coaching as well. A parenting coach helps you ween out the negative parenting behaviors to a more appropriate and effective tools that you can utilize as a positive parent and role model for your children. Assisting in improving communication, setting up parent children boundaries, and even help address sensitive topics that appear to be hard to talk about. We thrive to make successful transformations to better your relationships between you and your kids. Call us today for a parenting coach consultation!

Minnesota Parenting Services

No one should handle the stress of divorce alone. Having a skillful mediator to help smooth the process doesn’t just give you comfort but the other party as well. As long as everyone is content why should the procedure be so difficult? It shouldn’t and that is where we come in to assist in any aspect we can during the time of need. Call us today (952) 252-1492! We are happy to help and want you to live happily again!