Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) Resolution Services In MinnesotaAMS Mediation has become a leader in providing divorce mediation services for couples in the Minnesota area. There are many reasons for this, of course, but chief among them is that we genuinely care about our clients and work from a place of empathy, as well as expertise, as we provide our divorce mediation services. We want to help divorcing couples achieve the best possible results when they decide that ending their marriages is the best solution for them.

Local Divorce Mediation Services

We achieve our goals first by understanding the complex nature of Minnesota divorce law, and respecting that couples often have little to no first-hand knowledge of the legal processes associated with divorce. In recent years, divorce mediation has gained significant ground with the Minnesota courts. The traditional court processes for dissolving a marriage are still available, but divorce mediation is recommended first primarily because of full court schedules. Mediated divorce is always far less expensive for divorcing couples than completing the divorce processes through the courts. An added benefit of working with AMS Mediation is that we are solutions-oriented. When we work with divorcing couples, our goal is to help you and your divorcing partner to build on the positives of your relationship and resolve, if possible, not the conflicts that led to your decision to end your marriage. Mediation by definition suggests a coming to the middle. Couples who demonstrate a willingness to work with their divorcing partners typically complete the divorce process with less stress than they otherwise would feel when proceeding through the more adversarial court process.

Benefits of Using Mediation When you have Children, MN

Mediation can be an especially appropriate choice of divorcing couples who have children. In such cases, problem-solving and creating parenting plans takes on new and greater importance. Children are the most vulnerable of all family members affected by your divorce. The mediation process, therefore, becomes central to your ability to prioritize their well-being. We employ our expertise and years of experience honestly and forthrightly, and always seek to help you achieve the best possible outcomes based on the strengths of your relationship.

Divorce mediation is ideal for couples who have an inclination to reach resolution. But the manner in which we deploy our mediation skills can also help couples whose relationships are marked by hostility and anger. It is extremely rare for a couple to have such difficulty that they cannot benefit from the mediation process.

We are here for you and would be honored to help you reach a more peaceful resolution to your marriage. To schedule a consultation, you can call us at 952.252.1492, or send an email to lynn@amsmediationplus.com.