Divorce Mediator MNThe emotions we feel when our marriage is failing can be overwhelming, to say the least. Before realizing that we have to consider the possibility of divorce, we are likely to feel intense anger, confusion, sadness, dismay, and possibly dozens of others, plus variations on the familiar emotions, and occasionally all of them at once. The realization that divorce is a viable option for you can actually feel like a relief, but getting to that point may require the assistance of a neutral third party.

AMS Mediation Services can help untie the complex knot of emotions you may be feeling, and can certainly be of great service once you reach the realization that you have no choice but to consider divorcing your spouse. No matter where you find yourself in the emotional spectrum of the divorce process, AMS Mediation Services can be helpful to you. Once you have begun to make some sense of the emotions associated with divorce, you will need to begin the practical and mechanical aspects of the divorce process. And while it may never be easy to manage your emotions during the process of divorce, knowing that you have a neutral third-party advocate on your side can be irreplaceable. It may only be known in retrospect that it was that advocacy that made the difference for you getting through the divorce process with your sanity and emotional well-being intact. More specifically, a neutral third-party advocate like Amber Serwat can help you get in touch with an inner strength and resolve that a failing relationship can convince you was lost forever.

AMS Mediation Services can help you with the following:

  • Divorce proceedings — As described above.
  • Family Mediation — There are many complex components associated with resolving divorce, and when children are involved, specific and direct attention should be paid to the healthiest possible solutions.
  • Early Neutral Evaluation of social and financial matters.
  • Divorce and Parenting Coaching—Finding the best possible resolutions to the issues involved in divorce can require the kind of knowledge that Amber Serwat Mediation possesses, and maximizing attention paid to children’s well-being is paramount.
  • Parenting Consultation
  • Parenting Time Expeditor Services—Finding agreement on how to schedule time for both parents with their children is extremely important.
  • Education in Minnesota Family Law—Family Law can be extremely complex; entering the divorce process requires expertise and Amber Serwat Mediation Services possesses the kind of expertise needed to emerge with the best possible resolution.

If you find yourself in need of divorce mediation services, look no further than AMS Mediation. Call 952.252.1492 or email amber@amsmediationplus.com for more information.