Once you and your partner have decided that divorce is the right next step for you, you may feel like you want to move quickly and get the divorce settlement process over with.  Going through the court to settle your divorce can take a significant amount of time — for many couples, this can take months, if not a year.  Divorce mediation is an alternative method for settling divorce issues like child custody, child/spousal support and division of property that take significantly less time, is less stressful and costs less.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, can help you and your divorcing spouse navigate the divorce process in a positive, productive and efficient way.

General Timeline For Divorce Mediation Cases

While each divorce case is unique, the mediation process generally takes 6-8 weeks with approximately 6-8 hours of mediation sessions during that time.  Each mediation session will last approximately 2-3 hours and are usually scheduled about 2 weeks apart so that progress can be made and information can be gathered in between sessions. You can expect to reach a complete settlement in the 6-8 week timeframe and then you should account for another 1-8 weeks for the court to process your legal documents, depending on where you live.  You can take the following steps before your mediation sessions begin to maximize efficiency and minimize the amount of time spent:

  1. Consider scheduling a 1 hour consultation: A one hour consultation can help you prepare for the mediation process and learn about what to expect. It will give you an idea of the types of documents you need to prepare for your first mediation session so that it will go more smoothly.  AMS Mediation offers free one hour consultations.
  2. Prepare: Just like most things in life, preparation is key to a smooth mediation process.  You should gather materials and information that are relevant to your case and be ready to bring them with you to the first mediation session.  If there is follow-up requested/required after a session, then make sure that you follow through so that there are no unusual delays.
  3. Emotional readiness: Divorce is generally considered a highly emotional time in one’s life and before you can make real progress with a settlement, both parties need to be ready emotionally to discuss pertinent issues such as child custody and division of property. Being ready emotionally for what is to come will make the divorce mediation process go more smoothly.
  4. Understanding complexities: Each divorce has it’s own level of complexity and it is helpful to understand that the more complex and the higher the conflict, the more time it will take to resolve via mediation. Mediation, however, can be highly effective for even the most complicated divorce.

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