AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, offers professional and thoughtful divorce mediation services to individuals and couples who seek their assistance. Among the most difficult and likely least anticipated experiences in life is divorce. It is comparable with other major life stresses, such as the death of a loved-one, the loss of one’s job, or the onset of a catastrophic illness. These are stressors that have been studied for decades, and they remain at the top of the list of experiences that cause the greatest amount of stress and trauma in our lives. If you are experiencing a divorce, or expecting to go through one in the future, mediation can offer a mechanism for settling your divorce that is less stressful, less expensive and takes less time than a traditional court battle. If you live in the Burnsville, Shakopee, Richfield, AMS Mediation can be a divorce mediation resource for you.

Settling a Divorce with Divorce Mediation

The mission of AMS Mediation is to provide a client-centered approach to mediation, empowering clients to find fair, affordable, and workable solutions that meet their unique needs and circumstances. Our team has found that two very important aspects of achieving this are conserving financial resources and developing successful Parenting Partnerships between divorcing spouses. Our team can assist with resolution of the three main components of divorce: division of property (including all assets and debts), financial support (including child and spousal support) and the creation of a parenting plan (outlining parenting time and visitation).

Our team understands that this is very likely an extremely stressful time in your life and we do not want to profit from your misfortune. Instead, our mediation philosophy comes from sharing similar experiences and combining empathy and compassion with our professional expertise to achieve workable solutions so that you can move forward in a positive way. Divorce rattles the people who go through it. But when you have a professional looking out for your interests, you are much more likely to be ready to get on with your life sooner than you would have been otherwise. When you partner with AMS Mediation to settle your divorce, you will avoid the hassle that characterizes most court-based divorce processes and you will have spent much less money than is typical of court-based divorce processes.

Experienced Divorce Mediator, Burnsville MN

If you live in or near Burnsville, Shakopee, or Richfield, Minnesota and are facing the stress of a divorce, contact AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492 for a free consultation.