AMS Mediation serves people in Apple Valley, Minnesota who are considering divorce mediation in lieu of the more traditional court-based divorce processes. More and more, divorcing couples are using divorce mediation as the means to finalize their divorce, and for good reason. Mediated divorce is most often less expensive, less time-intensive, and more likely to help resolve issues for the long term health of all involved.

Experienced Divorce Mediator, Apple Valley MN

If you are going through a divorce and you are not getting along well with your ex, you should consider seeking the divorce mediation services of AMS Mediation. Our team offers post-divorce support services, parenting mediation services as well as a wide range of other divorce mediation services. AMS Mediation understands that, while the signed and notarized divorce papers put a legal end to a marriage, they don’t always put an end to the complex issues that affect the entire family.

AMS Mediation can offer you help and support both during and after your divorce. We are experienced mediating issues such as division of assets, property and debt, child and spousal support payments and parenting plans (sometimes known as custody agreements). Meeting with a qualified mediator may offer you new insights, which can help you heal following the difficulty of divorce. Mediation encourages collaboration and compromise, rather than an adversarial tone.

Mediation’s Path for Successfully Navigating Divorce

The nature of marital relationships is complex. AMS Mediation has a unique combination of professional training and compassion for their clients. When we enter the process of divorce, the person we married can reveal some truly mean-spirited aspects of their personality—they strike out sometimes. If this has been your experience, AMS Mediation can help you separate yourself emotionally and psychologically from your spouse in order to minimize their impact on you. Connections to our spouses last a long time, regardless of the finality of divorce. A consultation with AMS Mediation can offer new insights and reminders of your internal strength, which can in turn help you minimize the impact of your spouse’s attempts to exploit your vulnerabilities.

If you have children together, conflict may be even more difficult to resolve without help. Our exes have a way of getting under our skin like no one else—it is the nature of intimate relationships. Our dedication to our children can cloud our judgment when we know our ex is preying on our emotions and vulnerabilities. AMS Mediation can help you process your feelings and set your sights on what is best for you and your children. Call our team at (952) 252-1492 to schedule an appointment.