“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a shark (the legal kind), according to legal site FindLaw, which says that March has surpassed January as “Divorce Month.” Searches on the site for “divorce” and other related terms such as “family law” and “child custody” spike in January and continue to surge through March, with actual divorce filings peaking during that month.

“Possible factors driving this marital March madness include maintaining tax filing status (“Married, Filing Jointly” versus “Single” to save money), post-New Year’s revelations of affairs fueled by holiday depression, and parents who want their kids to have one last holiday together as a family.”

“Another factor is that working through the emotional and legal divorce takes time. Decisions made in January need time to materialize. If you are working toward divorce contact a mediator sooner than later in order to avoid a prolonged and costly legal battle.”

Written by: Amber M. Serwat, MA

Amber is a divorce and parenting specialist in private practice in Burnsville, MN – she is also a divorced parent and step-parent of three teenage children, ages 16-13.

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