The process of dissolving a marriage can be lengthy, costly and emotionally draining without the assistance of an experienced divorce mediator like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation. Going through the traditional court system for dissolution of marriage, or a divorce decree can result in more expense and more stress for every party involved, including the minor children. For this and many other reasons, more and more couples are utilizing the expertise of a neutral mediator for divorce settlement services. The mediation process can respectfully cover every aspect of the divorce settlement including financial support, property division and a parenting plan agreement.

Components of Divorce Settlement Services

There are really three main components of a typical divorce settlement. Agreement on each aspect can be reached as long as each party is willing to be honest, fair and respectful. As a skilled divorce settlement mediator, AMS Mediation can assist with an honest dispute resolution process that reduces conflict, costs and time as compared to a traditional court process.

Property Division: defined as an equitable distribution of both assets and liabilities. This could include money, property, pension plans and retirement funds.

Child Support: The financial needs of a minor child are covered through a payment from one parent to another. Amounts paid are calculated by taking into account incomes of both parents and the parenting time plan. The three major components of child support include;

o Basic child needs such as housing, education, transportation, food and clothing.
o Daycare costs.
o Medical care costs.

Spousal Support: Financial support payments may be paid from one spouse to the other spouse after legal separation or divorce. Spousal maintenance and alimony are both terms commonly used for spousal support.

Parenting Plan: A vast array of child welfare topics can be included in a comprehensive parenting plan agreement. Areas of interest often include living arrangements, visitation, decision making responsibilities, holidays, vacations, religious education, extracurricular activities, etc.

Why Choose Divorce Settlement Mediation?

Divorce mediation can be a more cost effective way to reach a fair divorce settlement. The mediation process can substantially reduce the level of conflict and stress that is very common with spouses going through a divorce. An experienced divorce mediator at AMS Mediation provides an excellent opportunity for working together to ensure that all aspects of the divorce settlement are handled with respect, dignity, fairness and confidentiality.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Every aspect of divorce mediation through AMS Mediation can provide solutions that improve lives during and after a divorce settlement is reached. The reduction in litigation time and costs alone are all valid reasons to consider partnering with an experienced divorce mediator. Divorce mediation services at AMS Mediation offers a safe, respected and effective alternative to an otherwise difficult divorce court system that can put an enormous strain on family relationships.

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