Divorce HelpReady. Set. GO! The signal sounds and you take off in a sprint. Little did you know that you aren’t doing the 200 meter race, you are actually in a marathon! You slow your speed, steady your breath, and push forward, patiently working towards an even more victorious finish line. Did you think we were talking about running? If you did, guess again. Yes my friends, we were talking about the ‘D’ word. Divorce is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! At AMS Mediation, we have the tools you need to get you ready for the race and make it to the finish line stronger than ever. If you live in Minnesota and are thinking of divorce or have already started on that path, look for help here at AMS Mediation.

The Divorce Marathon

Anyone that has been through a divorce should understand that it’s not about who takes off the fastest, but who has the endurance and strength to make it to the finish line. No one really does a marathon without proper training. Likewise, when divorce happens, you need someone that can help you with the emotional tribulations that are often accompanied with divorce. At AMS Mediation, we provide superior professional divorce and parenting services that are efficient, effective, and given in a non-judgmental way.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation

There are so many benefits to divorce mediation that will undoubtedly help your divorce marathon seem less scary. Our neutral third party can sit down with the divorcing couple and discuss the three components of a typical divorce: property division, financial support, and parenting plan. Discussing these plans and being in a controlled environment where everyone’s opinions are able to be heard, can help handle the emotional roller coaster that impacts so many families. At AMS Mediation, we also offer divorce education classes as well as parenting education classes for those with children.

Just like a marathon, every divorce needs a cool-down program, or in our case, a post-divorce plan. We can help make a plan for you and your family so that no one feels the burden of uncertainty in the future. By agreeing to mediate before you litigate, couples can solve their issues and make it to the finish line peacefully.

So if you live in Minnesota and are looking to get a divorce, AMS Mediation may be the perfect place for you. Don’t start this marathon unprepared. Let AMS Mediation pave the way to a steady, less traumatic divorce. For a free consultation, call us today at 952.252.1492.