Minnesota Divorce Education Classes“…And they lived happily ever after and danced their way into the sunset.” Doesn’t that paint such a pretty little picture? Wonder where that cute little couple is now? Are they still together? Did they ever experience any bumps in the roads? Counseling? Dead? Sick? Divorced? If they are like 50% of Americans getting married, it’s likely that the couple “dancing into the sun” has already gotten divorced. This, however, shouldn’t not be a morbid or scary thought. Divorce happens, and it can be a devastating experience. There is a bright side of divorce however, and through AMS Mediation, divorce education classes can help shed some light on your experience.

AMS Mediation helps those going through divorce. As stated earlier, divorce can be devastating, no matter what the circumstances are. Whether you are 25 or 56, picking up the broken pieces of your life and learning to be single again is hard. Whether you are struggling socially, financially, emotionally, or all three, AMS Mediation can help you focus on the bigger picture and your new life ahead.

Divorce Education Classes

While it may seem silly, AMS Mediation divorce education classes have helped so many begin to create new memories in their life and replace the old ones. AMS Mediation is located in Burnsville, MN. We offer two classes, Class One: A toolkit for navigating your legal process and Class Two: a toolkit for successful separate parenting.

  • Class One: It’s very hard and extremely rare to find a couple that has decided to divorce and carries no emotion with it. Even if you did not factor in finances, divorce is emotionally and physically draining. Now, piling financials on top of the already stressful situation, and chaos ensues. Therefore this class is made to educate people about the legal process of divorce, as well as the non-legal factors that influence the process. It gives information on the most cost effective, efficient, and family-focused divorce options in the Minnesota area.
  • Class Two: Just because you are divorcing your spouse does not mean that you want to be tearing up your family or parenting styles. Learning how to parent after a divorce is not easy. This class covers the expectations and common pitfalls of parenting after a divorce, or even after a breakup.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of divorces end in individuals living happily ever after and dancing their way into the sun. Through our classes, people have been able to regain careers that were lost during marriage, reconnect with family and loved ones in a way that they couldn’t when they were married, and ultimately, create new memories doing things they truly love. So if you live in Minnesota and are thinking about going through a divorce, or just finished filing the divorce papers, consider registering for a class at AMS Mediation today. For more information, give us a call at 952-252-1492.