Amber Serwat is a divorce mediator who knows how to provide support and helpful legal information to individuals and couples in the process of divorce. She is a divorce mediation expert, in part, because she has gone through a divorce herself. As a result, she is all the more able to empathize with you as you proceed through your divorce and provide you with useful, practical information and support through the entire process.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Going through divorce no doubt causes feelings of sadness, anger, insecurity, inadequacy, guilt, shame, and others. These feelings may be common, but they need not be inevitable or overwhelming. Working with a divorce mediator like Amber Serwat can help you put your negative feelings into perspective and mitigate their impact on you. Amber’s ability to empathize with what you are going through can be irreplaceably helpful as you experience one of life’s great stressors. Amber can help you and your spouse find solutions to the issues that you need to resolve before you can move forward, including child custody, spousal maintenance and division of property.

Divorced Divorce Mediator in MN

Regardless of what emotions you are experiencing, Amber Serwat is likely to be able to help you. An underrated emotional experience during and after divorce is vulnerability. Most people get married hoping to have found their partner for life. When it does not work out the way we had hoped, emotions can pummel us. And what many people find invaluable is a person who can communicate empathy from their own direct experience with what we ourselves are going through. Amber has the specific training, and the personal experience to help you navigate this difficult process and begin the process of moving forward.

An unfortunate fact is that more than half of all marriages fail. If you find yourself in the middle of the divorce process, you should consider seeking the services of AMS Mediation. Amber Serwat, the founder, understands divorce from both the personal and the professional perspectives.

Divorce Mediator Helps You Move Forward

A divorce mediator who can so closely relate to the experiences of clients is uncommon, and should be valued by those who can avail themselves of the mediator’s expertise. Amber Serwat has established her practice of divorce mediation on professional expertise and knowledge of Minnesota divorce law. What she offers that few other mediators can offer is the benefit of her own experience with divorce. She will be able to relate to the wide range of feelings you bring to the process of divorce and she can help you make sense of them. When you are ready to make contact with Amber, you can call 952.252.1492, email