Divorcing Couples Services Near MeWe have all heard the statistics – in the United States, nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. While it is never what is intended, divorce can be a decision that is necessary and even best for all involved. AMS Mediation offers services for divorcing couples in Burnsville, MN including alternative dispute resolution services for divorce and issues around custody and co-parenting. If you find yourself pursuing divorce, you should know that it does not have to result in a bitter court battle that is financially draining.

Why Use Divorce Mediation?

Divorcing couples can solve all aspects of their divorce settlement using divorce mediation, rather than litigation. Amber Serwat is a divorce mediator with AMS Mediation who specializes in helping couples navigate the divorce process with less financial and emotional stress than going to court. As your mediator, Amber will serve as a neutral third party, facilitating a productive discussion about issues like how to equitably divide your joint property, how to split the time your children spend with you and your ex in a way that puts your children first, and to discuss whether child support payments or spousal maintenance is warranted. These are all very important issues to resolve, and no one is better equipped to solve them than you. After all, no one knows your family better than you. Divorce mediation is far less expensive than litigation and takes less time, so that you can put this part of your life behind you more quickly.

Divorce Support Services for Couples in Burnsville, MN

Amber Serwat and the team at AMS Mediation understands that divorce is very difficult. She has devoted her career to helping couples separate in a healthy way that conserves resources and focuses on your future, rather than your past. AMS Mediation offers the following divorce and parenting support services based on your family’s unique needs:

● Divorce mediation
● Custody mediation
● Post-decree mediation
● Early neutral evaluations (social and financial)
● Parenting Consulting
● Parenting Coaching
● Parenting Time Expeditor

Navigating divorce with the help and support of a trusted mediation team like AMS Mediation means that you can be confident that the process will go smoothly and that the decisions that you make will be fair, measured and reasonable. A court battle can bring out the worst in both you and your spouse, while meditation can actually help you find a way to work together and lay a strong foundation for co-parenting in the future. For more information about AMS Mediation’s services for divorcing couples call 952-252-1492.