We all know that when children are involved, the impact of a divorce is far greater than when a married couple without children decides to separate. The children in marriage are generally not deciders when it comes to a divorce, but they must adjust to a new normal after the separation is complete. This very likely includes splitting time between two parents they are used to seeing daily, the introduction of new adults and family members (step parents and/or step siblings) into their lives, a new day to day routine and sometimes a new home and school. Your child may feel sadness, anger, anxiety, and these emotions may come out in many different ways in many different settings. Because the impact of a divorce on children is so great, it is wise to consider the best ways to help them with this transition as you and your partner contemplate a divorce. Divorce mediation can help ease this transition for a family. It minimizes conflict and makes clear plans for a path forward. AMS Mediation focuses on helping families navigate divorce.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation For Kids

There are many benefits of settling your divorce with a mediator rather than through the traditional court system. You may have heard that divorce mediation is less expensive and takes less time than divorce. But, when it comes to helping ease the stress for your children, mediation has additional benefits that are priceless. Divorce mediation encourages you and your spouse to solve all aspects of the divorce, including child custody and finding ways to compromise and focus on solutions that are in the best interest of all involved. Your focus is your children, not the emotion and conflict that characterized so many court battles. Mediation allows you to be creative with your solutions so that you, your ex and your kids can move forward in a positive and productive way.

Experienced Divorce Mediation Service

AMS Mediation has many years of experience helping families in the Minnesota area find solutions for even the most difficult issues related to their divorce. Amber Serwat focuses on helping couples develop a fair and workable Parenting Partnership that will be successful for your family. We offer mediation services both during a divorce as well as after a divorce, to ensure that you can adjust to any changes to your situation as time goes on. The bottom line is that our team will provide support during your divorce and help you and your family find the best path forward. For more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation, call 952.252.1492.