Marriage can be very hard. The decision to end a marriage can also be extremely difficult. Sometimes a trial separation provides an opportunity to gain perspective while you work out your differences or prepare for the next phase of your life. When there are children involved, it is especially important to approach marital issues with respect toward every member of the family. An experienced mediator like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation can help to facilitate a trial separation agreement that establishes clear, respectful and fair objectives for both parties involved. Failure to reach an understanding can have negative consequences for the family.

Trial Separation Agreement

An effective trial separation agreement can be very beneficial for couples that are contemplating a legal separation or divorce decree. Agreements should be entered into with a clear understanding of what it is expected to accomplish. This time is meant to give each spouse a break from negative communication and excessive pressure from their partner. During the separation period, each party should be able to make important decisions while experiencing increased independence and greater personal responsibility.

Professional Divorce Mediation During Separation

Having a professional mediator to work out the details of a trial separation agreement may increase the chances of a positive outcome for each stakeholder. The divorce mediator provides a process that is often less stressful, less adversarial and less costly than rushing into an emotional situation that can result in serious consequences.

Objectives Of Trial Separation Agreements

Success in achieving all of the objectives of a trial marriage separation without increasing the tensions that already exist can be much easier with the help of a professional mediator. Together, you can work out fair agreements on each of the following areas of concern.

• Agreement on Child Custody and Visitation
• Specify Financial Obligations for each party
• Discourage Gossip or Negative Comments about the other party
• Specify Whether Dating Others is allowed during the separation
• Agree on What to Tell the Children or other interested parties
• Specify Length of Time the separation is expected to last
• Spell out Privacy Agreement between spouses
• Specify Separation of Property while separated from each other

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation provides couples with services that result in better conflict resolution for families in crisis. Mediators are trained to listen objectively while assisting with fair and respectful outcomes for both parties. We can help you to draft a trial separation agreement that states clear objectives and allows each party the space to reflect on the viability of the marriage at stake.

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