AMS Mediation provides Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) as one of our many mediation services. As experts in Minnesota divorce law, we can provide early neutral evaluation to anyone going through divorce in Minnesota, based on our knowledge of divorce law that is specific to Minnesota. Our mediation services are wide-ranging, especially as they relate to the complex aspects of divorce cases. We are a trusted Minnesota divorce and parenting support mediation service based in Burnsville, MN. There are two specific areas that many divorcing couples do not understand, Financial Early Neutral Evaluations and Social Early Neutral Evaluations. Our team can provide information about both services.

Social Early Neutral Evaluation

When child custody and parenting time issues are present between divorcing parents, it may be necessary for a dispute resolution process, known as Social Early Neutral Evaluation, to be ordered. The Social Early Neutral Evaluation process is characterized by its short-term, confidential nature. It is designed to evaluate the capacity of the divorcing parties to resolve disputes related to child custody and parenting time (or visitation).

The Social Early Neutral Evaluation process is very often completed within one month. A male/female team of evaluators from family court services offers evaluations of the outstanding issues between the divorcing parents and they then offer feedback to the divorcing couple and their attorneys. They present their evaluations via case presentations and employ a limited amount of information-gathering.

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

Depending on the specific aspects of a given divorce case, a court may determine that the presence of financial issues between the divorcing couple may require an early neutral evaluation (ENE) of the couple’s financial situation. One or more unanswered questions in the realm of the couple’s finances can prompt the court to seek an evaluation of the couple’s financial situation. In such cases, the couple may choose from a list of recommended Early Neutral Evaluators, such as AMS Mediation, to provide resolution to the court’s questions.

The rationale behind the Early Neutral Evaluation is to provide the divorcing couple with neutral information so that resolution may be reached more easily. In matters of Financial Early Neutral Evaluation and Social Early Neutral Evaluation, the team at AMS Mediation can offer deep knowledge of the processes to our clients, so that you can navigate the process in the most positive and product way possible. Call us at 952.252.1492 for more information.