When you’re beginning the divorce process, it seems impossible to know how your divorce will turn out. There are so many unknowns in a divorce that it can be extremely difficult for divorcing couples to make informed decisions about what divorce processes they can and should follow and what method of divorce might be right for them. If you’re struggling to determine the best method of divorce for you, consider an early neutral evaluation. At Amber M. Serwat Mediation, we perform early neutral evaluations in Burnsville, MN to help you understand the benefits of a courtroom divorce and a divorce through mediation so that you can understand exactly how to proceed with your divorce based on your individual case. We’ll factor in as many facts as possible to determine your options and help you go from there, whatever you choose.

How Does Early Neutral Evaluation Work?

Early neutral evaluation takes place before a divorce truly begins. Before you have filed for a courtroom divorce or chosen to work with a mediator, you might be wondering how a divorce could end for you. An early neutral evaluator will look at all of the information that’s pertinent to your divorce, including all property accrued before and during your marriage, the financial stability of you and your spouse, and the relationships you and your spouse have with any children involved in the divorce. Based on this information, we are able to determine the most likely outcomes of a courtroom divorce. This information will be made available only to you – your spouse and the courts will not have access to this information, and it will serve only as a guide to help you choose the best path forward for you.

Benefits of Early Neutral Evaluation

Why should you seek help from an early neutral evaluator? Each divorce is different because of the relationship between the divorcing couple and the relationships between parents and their children. Looking at your relationship, taking stock of your assets and debts, considering the possible legal outcomes of a courtroom divorce, and actually working through a divorce agreement with your former spouse can seem daunting – if not impossible. But with an early neutral evaluation, you can get ahead in your divorce by understanding what the probable legal outcome of your divorce will be if taken to court. We make the divorce process less emotionally, physically and financially taxing by helping you see the possible outcomes before you even begin the divorce process so that you can decide what’s best for you and your family.

Divorce Mediation Following an Early Neutral Evaluation

If you undergo an early neutral evaluation and choose to work with a divorce mediator instead of going through a courtroom divorce, at Amber M. Serwat Mediation, we can work as your divorce mediator as well as your early neutral evaluator! To find out more and find out how you could benefit from an early neutral evaluation, contact our Burnsville, Minnesota early neutral evaluator today at 952-252-1492 or amber@amsmediationplus.com.