Burnsville Early Neutral EvaluationDo you ever wonder about the “what ifs” in life? When you decide on divorce, knowing your options is key to any successful settlement. Whether you are seeking custody of kids, access to finances, or property ownership, wouldn’t it be nice to know how it was all going to pan out in the end? At AMS Mediation, we can make that happen for you. Through Burnsville early neutral evaluation, we can bring in a third party that will assess strengths and weaknesses of any divorce case and then provide feedback as to how a case may play out if it reaches trial. Hello crystal ball!

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

At the end of the day, love and politics aside, no one enjoys a divorce. Everyone ends up spending money. FENE, also known as Financial Early Neutral Evaluation, is a way that one evaluator assesses the case before it ever reaches trial. It is a completely confidential process and is used in many family court cases in Burnsville. Our evaluator at AMS Mediation has a substantial amount of understanding when it comes to financial issues involved with divorce. We specialize in the following FENE:

  • Property and Asset Value
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Real Estate Conflicts
  • General Cash Flow
  • Division of Property
  • Division of Debt
  • Pension Analysis
  • Tax Analysis
  • Lifestyle Accommodations During Marriage

Social Early Neutral Evaluation

As one of the toughest parts of divorce, it’s important to get a full grip on what may happen when you decide that a courtroom divorce is your only option. For any social or parenting issues, AMS mediation can perform SENE, Social Early Neutral Evaluation, to foresee any type of custody, parenting time, or social decisions that the court may decide upon based on evaluation.

Burnsville Early Neutral Evaluation

Both of these processes, FENE and SENE, are optional and completely voluntary. The evaluators that we use are not decision makers and none of these evaluations are sent to the judge. Early Neutral Evaluation is best utilized in the early divorce process so that you can reach a settlement with your partner before having to go through the pain of the court system.

AMS Mediation can save you time, money, and a lot of heartache. If you are looking for a place to do Burnsville Early Neutral Evaluation, look no further than AMS Mediation. For a free consultation, call our office today at 952.252.1492.