Custody Mediation Services Burnsville | Experienced Neutral Mediator MNCustody is arguably the most important single component of any divorce settlement.  If you have been through a divorce and created a custody agreement with your former spouse, you understand that the emotions associated with determining how you will settle issues concerning the custody of your children.  AMS Mediation has extensive experience in all issues pertaining to child custody and can help you navigate these issues so that you can move forward in the most positive way possible.

Common Custody Terms Explained

Legal Custody refers to possessing the right to determine how you raise your children, and it includes such factors as education, healthcare, and religious affiliation.

If Joint Legal Custody is in question, it means that you and your parenting partner (the person you are divorcing or are already divorced from) share the rights and responsibilities related to raising your children.

Physical Custody and Residence refers to what occurs in the specific environment where your child resides and the kind and quality of care they receive. A related concept, joint physical custody, refers to the daily care your children receive, as well as their place of residence when custody is shared.

Benefits of Custody Mediation

You will find that the mediators at AMS Mediation share the Court’s interest in ensuring that the best possible custody plan is put in place.  When your child’s welfare is prioritized, the conflict that may exist between you and your former spouse will be minimized.  A custody mediator can help you resolve all pertinent issues.  Custody mediation keeps costs down, gives you and your ex-spouse flexibility to come up with creative solutions, and is confidential; focusing on the future, not the past.

When you work with us, we consider it essential to understand your circumstances so that we can maximize the mediation process and minimize the conflict that may remain between you and your divorced spouse.  We will do our best to explain your options based on the legal aspects of divorce and child custody.  We want you to be able to make informed decisions at all times, and that is never more important than when you are making decisions that affect your children.  As painful as divorce can be, we will counsel you to remember that you always have choices.  Our experience can be helpful in making choices that affect your children by lending context to your specific circumstances.

We have established a positive reputation among our past and present clients by virtue of being true to our word and treating our clients with respect.  To schedule a consultation with us, call AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492.