Experienced Family Law Mediator MNAMS Mediation is a trusted and experienced Family Law Mediator based in Burnsville, MN.  Our team has extensive knowledge of many aspects of Minnesota family law and can help you navigate a wide variety of issues including divorce, custody issues, grandparents rights, communicating effectively with an ex-spouse and co-parenting.  Our mediation service has built a reputation for excellence in the area of family law.  We take pride in having served our clients by paying attention to detail, applying the law precisely, and working to understand the specifics and nuances of your specific situation to help you find a solution that works for all involved.

Every relationship is different with different areas of conflict and problems, all requiring unique solutions. Mediation allows you to find solutions to your unique issues so that you, your divorcing spouse, and your children can move forward with their life in a positive and productive way.  AMS Mediation’s client-centered process empowers individuals to achieve fair, affordable, and workable solutions which satisfy their unique needs and circumstances. Two important components of our underlying philosophy are conserving a family’s financial resources and developing successful Parenting Partnerships.

Parenting Support Services, MN

Children, of course, are of great importance to AMS Mediation.  We understand that they are often innocent victims of divorce and that they can sometimes feel the impact of circumstances created by the adults in their lives, and almost never do anything to deserve the stress and strain that has been caused by divorce.  Even when divorced couples have ended their marriages amicably, the divorce process can become complicated and do damage to your children.  Let us help you minimize the stress to your children by employing our experience and expertise in family law.  In addition to mediation services, we also can provide a parenting time expeditor, parenting consultant, and parenting coach to empower you to find workable solutions.

Family Mediation

If you and your spouse are divorcing, and especially if you have children who will be affected by your decision to divorce, consider contacting AMS Mediation about the family mediation services we offer.  Divorce mediation provides a better opportunity to resolve issues with fewer complications.  Perhaps most importantly, divorce mediation can be significantly less expensive than traditional court proceedings, and a mediator with a family focus can spend more time helping you protect your children from the difficulties of divorce.  Contact us for a free consultation at 952.252.1492