Understanding the basics of family law will be important for you if you are in the process of divorcing your spouse or if you have recently divorced your spouse. AMS Mediation has long since recognized the importance of possessing expertise in matters of family law, but we also recognize that people who are in various stages of divorce probably do not have the time or ability to get into the weeds as we do. So we do it for you. If you are in any stage of the divorce process, we can help you understand the basics of family law so that you can be your own best advocate and can feel confident that you can emerge from the process with a better chance of moving on in the way you choose.

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Family law is more than just divorce, but having expertise in divorce laws is a prerequisite to providing excellent legal representation when it comes to family law. Partnering with a mediation team that is familiar with Minnesota state law can help minimize the stress of the process. By nature and definition, family law pertains to individuals other than just the divorced couple. Most notable among these are children. Our team will therefore prioritize the wellbeing of your children when you work with us to navigate your divorce. And, while the formal roles of attorney and divorce mediator can’t be mixed, AMS Mediation can use knowledge about MN family law to help you reach workable solutions that allow for maximum resolution.

AMS Mediation was established by our founder, Amber Serwat, who is a Minnesota Family Law expert. Divorce law can be different from state to state, so when dealing with issues related to family law, it is important to find a practitioner who understands the nuances of Minnesota family law. Family legal issues can be as far-reaching and unique as the people who experience them. We have the knowledge and experience to connect your unique issues to the guidelines offered by the law. We can help you settle difficult issues such as division of property and the development of a parenting plan.

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