Divorce Mediator Minneapolis/St. PaulConventional wisdom would have us believe that many currently accepted ideas are true.  And without meaning to impugn conventional wisdom—it is, after all, often correct—there are occasions when conventional wisdom leads us to erroneous conclusions.  One area of modern life where there seems to be some inaccurate understanding is in the common understanding of the responsibilities and rights associated with family concerns.  More specifically, there seems to be an incorrect belief that unmarried couples may not seek family mediation when the relationship begins to change, and possibly that unmarried couples and/or domestic partners are unable to accumulate wealth and property together.  At AMS Mediation, we’re proud to offer our services to unmarried and couples and those in a domestic partnership.

Dissolution Of Any Relationship Can Benefit From Family Mediation

For members of couples who are unmarried, and who may be facing the dissolution of a relationship in which wealth has been accumulated together (however large or small the amount) and/or property is effectively if not legally co-owned, the process of dissolving the relationship can become much more complicated than the members of the couple might have been prepared for. In these situations family mediation can be a critical way to segment property and dissolve the relationship as civilly as possible.

Therein lay the importance of doing your due diligence in researching options, especially when considering ending a relationship that may have produced not only wealth and co-owned property, but potentially children as well.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, should be first on your list of mediators to research.  AMS Mediation has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the complex world of separating property, assigning responsibility for incurred debts, and determining the best possible solution for custody and visitation rights when children are involved.

AMS Mediation Provides Services For Unmarried Couples and Domestic Partnerships

AMS Mediation is built on the belief that couples who are seeking to end their relationship have a better chance of emerging from the relationship whole and healthy when they are able to clearly identify the issues that are present, and the feelings that accrue to those issues.  And it must be known not only that unmarried couples and domestic partners have financial and legal responsibilities like legally married couples do, but they also have access to family mediation services like those provided by AMS Mediation to help them through difficult times like those described here.

No one would wish for the difficulty that comes with ending a relationship, and certainly that would extend to not wanting to place undue burden or pain on children who came from that relationship.  AMS Mediation can help you prioritize matters so that children are thoroughly and empathetically considered.  When that healthy perspective is in place, it will likely become much easier to find resolution to the financial, legal, psychological, and other concerns that are almost always present when a relationship ends.  Call AMS Mediation at 1-952.252.1492 to schedule an appointment with one of our family mediators.