Divorce is difficult for all involved — the two parties who have decided to separate their lives must find their path forward on their own, in perhaps a very different direction than expected. The children in the family also have to adjust to a new schedule, a new home and splitting their time between their two parents. These dramatic and sometimes unwanted life changes can result in family conflict, high emotions, resentment, anger and at the very least many difficult questions about a new future. A family mediator can help sort out a wide variety of important issues related to finances, parenting agreements, and other unique issues that impact your family. AMS Mediation specializes in partnering with families in Burnsville, MN to provide affordable, effective, client-centered mediation services to help families forge a path forward that works for them.

Life for Your Family After Divorce

There are many issues that come up in families even after a divorce is finalized. The court system is simply not equipped to manage each change, disagreement or dispute between ex-spouses. Mediation can provide a positive, safe and constructive forum in which to solve problems. A trained mediator will facilitate a discussion and keep both parties on point and will answer any questions related to the divorce agreement, or other structural issues that may come up. Some common issues raised in family mediation sessions include:

● Changing child support payments
● The children are not thriving and/or unhappy
● One parent is moving out of the area
● A stepparent begins new relationship with children and interferes with parenting
● Questions about medical care or extracurricular activities
● Questions about maintaining relationship and contact with grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family

Benefits of Family Mediation

Family mediation empowers you and your ex-spouse more room to speak freely about exactly what the issues are that you have come to discuss. You also have more opportunity to find creative solutions that might be missed by the courts. Mediation is often less stressful, less expensive and takes less time than battling things out in a courtroom. You can continue to model positive behavior for your children, showing them that you are able to compromise and find common ground. Family mediation sessions also give you the opportunity to incorporate your children’s wishes into the solution.

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