Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation offers divorce mediation services that serve a wide variety of people with a wide variety of needs in Minnesota. She understands that some female clients feel more comfortable working with another woman, and AMS Mediation wants to ensure that their clients receive the help they need.

If for any reason you find yourself more comfortable working with a woman in high stake situations, AMS Mediation would be a good choice for you. So, while AMS Mediation always emphasizes the importance of impartiality in mediation, you can feel more comfortable knowing that your specific needs, fears, and insecurities will be honored and respected by Amber Serwat, and her staff of AMS Mediation. Our experienced mediators will pay close attention to the power dynamic in the mediation sessions and will help address any potential imbalance. Your mediator will ensure that you are heard during the mediation sessions and that both parties feel comfortable communicating openly and freely during the sessions so that the best possible outcome can be achieved for all involved.

Divorce Mediation Services, MN

Divorce mediation is becoming a more common means of proceeding through divorce and finalizing agreements about child custody, division of assets and debts and child and/or spousal support. And no divorce mediation service will offer you a greater combination of professional knowledge, legal expertise, and compassion than AMS Mediation. AMS Mediation is a highly regarded divorce mediator in MN and an excellent resource regarding divorce. Our staff is also sensitive to the specific needs of women in these situations.

With decades of experience, our team will help you process your divorce and find the best means to move on from it in a positive way. Finding the best means and then moving on is the desired outcome of AMS Mediation’s approach to divorce mediation, but we also understands that divorce is a process, and that the process is different for each individual and every couple going through it.

Prepare to Move Forward After a Divorce

As you enter divorce mediation, it would be ideal if you were able to arm yourself with the knowledge that you’ve done everything in your power to save your marriage. If you have, and your marriage is still not salvageable, you are likely to feel better sooner about moving forward with your life. Females who have found their way to AMS Mediation are likely to share just how important the female perspective has been to their healing. Amber Serwat has built a thriving practice based on a natural capacity for empathy and warmth, and, ultimately it is the staff’s overall professionalism and neutrality that serves their clients best. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 952.252.1492.