MN Divorce MediationIf you and your spouse are weighing the options for how to settle your divorce, you may want to gather information about the best way to move forward. AMS Mediation offers a wide variety of services for couples in the process of divorcing. One important component of AMS Mediation’s approach to mediated divorce is that our staff offers a free one-hour consultation to ensure that you make the best possible decision navigating this difficult process. AMS Mediation establishes loyal customers by prioritizing the customers’ experience, rather than AMS Mediation’s revenue and is genuinely invested in helping our clients find solutions during this difficult time so that they can move forward in a healthy way.

Navigating a Difficult Divorce

Divorce is a stressful experience and, if you have made the decision to move in that direction, you may want to read up on your options for settling the terms of your divorce. AMS Mediation offers an alternative to the more familiar form of seeking divorce through the court system. The laws of Minnesota can be slightly different to markedly different from the laws of other states, our AMS Mediation’s team are experts in this area. The kind of mediation offered by AMS Mediation is sanctioned by the courts of Minnesota, so you can rest assured in the guarantee that we are qualified to help you.

More than ever before, couples are seeking mediated divorce, rather than going through the court system. AMS Mediation approaches mediated divorce as an entirely collaborative process. Even if you are experiencing a hotly contested, bitter, and acrimonious dissolution of marriage, AMS Mediation can help you identify the causes of those feelings, deal with them better, and chart a course for a more amicable divorce from your spouse. By taking the position of collaboration, AMS Mediation implicitly requests the divorcing couple to invest in creating the best possible solution, as opposed to simply indulging in the more immediately gratifying, but ultimately destructive, emotions that create the stereotypes so many of us have about divorce.

Move Forward With Mediation

AMS Mediation can help you rise above the stereotypes in order to maximize the best possible outcome for your divorce. By approaching matters realistically and forthrightly, AMS Mediation provides an indication of its commitment to helping you and your ex emerge from divorce in the healthiest possible way. This perspective is especially important if and when there are children who will be affected by the divorce. And if children are present, they will most certainly be affected by the divorce of their parents. But AMS Mediation approaches this reality with the same kind of perspective. It suspends your most negative responses to your spouse and to the divorce and you will be in a better position to help your children come through the process as well as possible. To learn more or to schedule your free one hour consultation, call our team today at 952.252.1492.