We all have people in our lives who make us feel more or less comfortable than other people. The same is true in the world of Divorce Coaching. If you are in need of a divorce coach and would be more comfortable working with a good female divorce coach, Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation is an excellent choice.

Trained and Experienced Female Divorce Coach

Amber Serwat is highly trained divorce coach. AMS Mediation has a demonstrable history of excellent advocacy in divorce coaching, and Amber Serwat is attuned to making sure that the people she serves feel comfortable in her presence and with her approach to divorce mediation. If you choose to seek AMS Mediation’s coaching service, you can count on having the benefit of Amber Serwat’s experience and professionalism. Additionally, her perspective as a woman who has been through divorce could be exactly what you need to feel comfortable with her specific expression of advocacy on your behalf.

The mediation process is built on impartiality. But when you work with a divorce coach, you are working with someone who advocates specifically on your behalf to help you get through the processes associated with divorce. Divorce can be overwhelming and stressful. When you work with Amber Serwat, you will have the benefit of not only her years of experience as an excellent coach, but someone who knows the path you are walking. Amber understands the difficulty of divorce first-hand, and lends her empathy to the good people who are fortunate to employ her as a divorce coach.

What Can a Divorce Coach Help With?

Amber Serwat specializes in divorce coaching. In this role she will:

● Provide you with an unbiased and objective opinion
● Talk through potential strategies for navigating the divorce process
● Answer all types of questions related to divorce quickly
● Offer Empathy. A divorce coach should understand the emotional and psychological stressors that play a role in your response to your divorce. Amber understands these factors and can provide comfort and reassurance in difficult periods during your divorce.
● Organization. The divorce process can be overwhelming. If you are not inclined to organization as a natural skill, your divorce coach can help you keep track of paperwork and deadlines.

Best of all, AMS Mediation is nearby and Amber Serwat makes it easy for you to get in contact. To schedule a free consultation, you can call 952.252.1492 or email amber@amsmediationplus.com.