Wouldn’t it be nice if all divorces went so smoothly that you just signed a few papers, and you moved on with your life living separately? Take away the expenses, stress, division of property, debt, and the affect it has on children, and going through a divorce wouldn’t be so bad. Wishful thinking. Unfortunately, for most people, a divorce may be one of the toughest times a family has to go through. Especially for those high conflict divorces, tackling the next phase of your life on your own may not be in your best interest. Instead, if you live in Minnesota, consider utilizing AMS Mediation to help keep your children’s best interests in mind through resources such as a parenting plan as well as parenting coaching.

Issues With High Conflict Divorces

  • Selfishness – Instead of trying to calmly work through disagreements and differences, individuals involved in a high conflict divorce tend to argue with their ex-spouse any chance they get.
  • Weighs on Children – A high stress environment surrounded by anger makes it extremely difficult for a child to come to grips with their parents divorce. This can harm children socially and mentally as this traumatic time of their life can bring on depression, addiction, and sleeplessness.

How We Can Help

At AMS Mediation, your children’s needs come first. Our dedicated team makes it a point to help you deal with an ex-spouse after a high conflict divorce in ways that will be better your your child(ren) you and them, we offer helpful parenting coaching services and often give advice as follows:

  • Disengage – A lot of times, ex-spouses try and remain in each others lives on a daily basis. For high conflict divorces, this is not recommended. A more healthy and positive way to handle life after a high conflict divorce is to have the parents disengage from each other and limit their contact. Our staff will help you accept the other ways that your ex-spouse raises your children. Over time, you will find that your kids can easily adapt to both lifestyles, and the anger and stress that was once overwhelming your entire family will quickly retract.
  • Parenting Plan – Although you may not interact as much, your parenting plan will ensure that any potential parenting issues are addressed. Let our team walk you through the creation of a parenting plan that can help address future disagreements that may occur.

If you have recently gone through a high conflict divorce in Minnesota, consulting with mediation professionals can help make a big difference in your new lifestyle. Team up with AMS Mediation to help limit your conflict and to keep your kid’s needs first! Give us a call today at (952) 252-1492 to set up a free consultation.