Child support issues are perhaps some of the most complex and emotionally charged issues surrounding a divorce. When your divorce was finalized, your child support plan was determined based on essentially a snapshot of your financial situation and proposed parenting plan at that moment in time. But, as time passes, things change and there may be reasons to change child support agreements. You have several options for reviewing your child support plan including asking the court for a review or navigating the process with the help and support of a mediator. AMS Mediation can help you review your current situation and decide the best way to proceed with a child support review.

Options for Child Support Resolution

You have two primary options to resolve or change child support issues that come up after a divorce is final. First, you and your ex-spouse can go through the court system for a formal child support review. This can be both time consuming and very expensive and, while you will be assured of a ruling, you are putting the decision solely in the hands of a judge. Your other option is to go through the child support mediation process, working with a professional mediator to resolve any differences of opinion or discuss proposed changes to a child support plan. Mediation gives you and your ex-spouse the opportunity to find a solution that works well for all parties and, if agreed upon, this new child support agreement will then be filed with the courts.

Both options require documentation of your current income as well as other pertinent costs such as childcare or daycare costs and medical insurance. And, Minnesota child support guidelines must be followed.

Child Support Mediation Services

AMS Mediation offers a wide variety of parenting mediation services to those in the Minnesota area. Our professional team of mediators understands how difficult issues surrounding divorce can be and our mission is to help you and your ex-spouse find common ground so that you and your family can move forward in a positive way. Amber Serwat, founder of AMS Mediation, has gone through the divorce and child custody process personally, which gives her a unique perspective to help her mediation clients.

For more information about using mediation to solve child custody changes or problems, call 952.252.1492 to schedule a time for a free one hour consultation where you can ask questions about the process and how it might work for your family.