When you decide to move forward with a divorce, there are many complex issues that need to be settled including how to divide up all of the property that you and your spouse have shared. This may include furniture, collectables, china, computers, home office equipment, jewelry, clothing, cars, boats and any other personal property that has been shared. This is in addition to financial assets, real estate and debt that you share. You may assume the only way to divide this up fairly is to enlist the support of lawyers and the court system. While that is one path you can follow, mediation is also a very effective tool for helping you and your divorcing spouse divide property equitably and with minimal conflict. If you live in the Burnsville, MN area, AMS Mediation can help with this.

Property Division in Minnesota

Minnesota law is not specific about how to divide marital property during a divorce. So, this leaves much room for debate and unfortunately, sometimes intense conflict. Your possessions are likely very special to you and your spouse, many with unique meaning to both parties, so deciding who should keep what is difficult. Mediation empowers you and your spouse to decide how best to distribute the property from your marriage in a fair and equitable way to you. The team at AMS Mediation has years of experience working with couples to divide all types of property and can help you focus on the necessary steps to ensure that the process is smooth and fair.

Amber Serwat, of AMS Mediation, focuses on providing a client centered approach to her mediation sessions that encourage individuals to achieve fair, affordable, and workable solutions which satisfy their unique needs and circumstances. She will work with you to create a detailed and comprehensive spreadsheet that fully documents and even calculates the value of your personal belongings, financial assets and debts so that both parties are on the same page. So, as you and your divorcing spouse prioritize and claim items, you will both see the monetary value associated and use the spreadsheet to actually track whether the division of property is equitable. AMS Mediation can also work with other professionals if necessary to assign value to property, again to ensure that the division is fair and equitable.

Divorce Mediation Services, Burnsville

If you are moving forward with a divorce and would like to settle the terms without spending significant time and resources on lawyers and the often adversarial court battle, call our team at AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492 to learn more and find out if mediation might be a useful tool for your unique situation.