The relocation of a parent may be an issue either during a pending divorce or years after it has been finalized. In either case, relocation complicates existing child custody and parenting time orders. Rather than endure a highly emotional and costly legal battle, many Minnesota parents choose parenting mediation to address the issue of relocation. Minnesota parenting mediation allows the parties to address a parent’s relocation quickly and efficiently.

Minnesota parenting mediation is an out-of-court process. The parties meet with a mediator to discuss their concerns and wishes regarding the relocation. The mediator serves as a neutral and as such, does not advocate for either party. Rather, the mediator facilitates the parties’ discussion of the issue and disagreements and helps them negotiate a resolution. In many cases, the mediator can suggest creative solutions the parties are unable to identify. Mediation is effective even when parties are dealing with complicated issues and high conflict.

Relocation affects both parents and the children in many ways. Parenting mediation may be used to address the multiple concerns that stem from a relocation. For example, the parties may agree to a new parenting time arrangement. They may discuss how the cost of travel will be divided, which is essential if the parents will be living several states apart. The parents may also address how each parent will communicate with the children when they are apart.

Discussing relocation is beneficial for all parents, not just those who have definite plans to move. Planning for possible future relocations reduces the chance that parties will be embroiled in post-decree relocation disputes which require court filings and additional legal expense.Whether planning in advance or addressing a pending relocation, using parenting mediation will save thousands of dollars and months of stress.