Dividing property and assets during a divorce is one of the most difficult and complicated parts of the emotional process.  Very often there are conflicting views on who should keep what and how best to distribute marital assets and debt.  Minnesota law assumes that all property will be divided equally but putting this into practice can be surprisingly complex.  Divorce mediation can help you and your divorcing spouse come up with a plan for dividing your marital property in a fair and equitable way.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN offers strong divorce mediation services, including support for dividing property to divorcing couples in the Minnesota area.

How To Divide Property During A Divorce, MN

One of the most effective strategies for fairly distributing assets during a divorce is methodically listing all pieces of property that you and your divorcing spouse share.  This master list will fully document all of your assets and should include the overall value of each item (debts and assets).  Our team of mediators will use this list to help you negotiate a fair distribution.  We find that it is very often couples working through the logistical aspects of a divorce are able to see a path to divide their assets once it is all written down. A fair division of assets and debts will lay the groundwork for a more positive relationship after the divorce. Most often any property that was owned prior to the divorce will belong to the original owner after a divorce – that property is not divided equally.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services

AMS Mediation is committed to offering superior professional divorce and parenting services, which are efficient, effective, respectful, informative, and non-judgmental. Our team’s client-centered approach empowers individuals to achieve fair, affordable, and workable solutions that meet their unique needs. One of the most important aspects of our approach is conserving resources. We understand that divorce is expensive and can even derail a couple financially.

AMS Mediation also has a proven track record of working with and supporting divorcing couples as they tackle difficult issues such as division of property, developing a parenting plan, and determining child/spousal support.  For more information about the wide range of divorce services we provide, call AMS Mediation at (952) 252-1492 or email Amber Serwat directly at amber@amsmediationplus.com.  Amber offers free one-hour consultations to answer your questions and help you decide if mediation is a service that will work for you.