When you’re going through a divorce, one of the three components of a divorce settlement is the division of property, and this can be the most time-consuming element of divorce settlements if you and your spouse are heatedly debating property division. Most of the time, however, with a divorce mediator, you can see for yourself exactly how your marital property should be divided based on simple mathematical calculations. The numbers speak for themselves in property division agreements, as the fair distribution of property in most divorce cases is determined based on the amount of assets and debt each party has accrued during the marriage and splitting those equitably. To help move your divorce along and reach a speedy property division settlement quickly, contact a Burnsville divorce mediator at Amber M. Serwat Mediation.

Determining a Fair Division of Property and Debt

When setting out to determine a fair distribution of marital property, you have to understand what marital property actually is: all assets (including money and property) and liabilities (debt) that have accrued between you and your spouse. Once you understand this, you can understand that property division is a more complex process than it can seem at first. Because Minnesota law assumes that there is a common interest in marital property among spouses, it also assumed that this property must and will be split equitably, not necessarily equally, so that each party has their legally fair share of the property they each acquired during the marriage. So how do you determine an equitable division of property? With the help of a divorce mediator.

Property Division Problems

When you’ve been married, whether it was for months, years, or decades, you’ll like have at least some marital property to divide in a divorce. The question is, which property belongs to which spouse? When your life has become so financially intertwined with your spouse’s, separating pre-marital property from marital property can be a challenge enough before you factor in the need to establish which property, including finances, debts, and real property, are the responsibility of one spouse or another. If you’re having a difficult time deciding who gets the family home, how much of your wedding you need to help pay off, and whether you need to help pay off your spouse’s vehicle, you’re not alone. These are complex and common property division questions that all couples struggle with during a divorce.

MN Property Division Mediation

If you, like so many other divorcing couples, are in need of property division assistance, contact a divorce mediator at Amber M. Serwat Mediation. Our Burnsville, MN property division mediator can ensure you have an equitable property division settlement that will pass before a judge without you having to go through the expensive and time-consuming adversarial trial process. Contact us today at 952-252-1492 or amber@amsmediationplus.com, and find out how our Burnsville, MN divorce mediator can help you reach a speedy property division divorce settlement.