As you and your divorcing spouse weigh your options for how best to settle your divorce, you may wonder about the level of confidentiality if you choose to pursue mediation. The first thing that you should be aware of is that Minnesota law (MN Rule 114) protects all of your mediation discussions, communication and even notes from being “discovered” and being used in court. In addition, you mediator cannot be called as a witness in trial, should your attempts at mediation fail. Just like communication and negotiations are protected between a lawyer and his/her client, mediation sessions are protected as well. AMS Mediation specializes in divorce mediation services for those in the Burnsville, MN area and can help you navigate the process from start to finish. If you have specific questions or concerns confidentiality or other aspects of the process, our team can walk you through exactly what to expect during a free one hour consultation.

Divorce Mediation Services

Mediation is often very frequently in Minnesota to settle important aspects of divorce such as division or property including all assets and debts, to develop a fair and equitable parenting plan (also sometime known as a custody agreement) and determine whether child and/or spousal support is necessary. A trained mediator can help facilitate discussion between you and your ex-spouse designed to facilitate solutions that are best for all involved. Mediation allows you to solve these important and often emotionally charged issues without a lengthy, contentious court battle that can be financially and emotionally costly. You are encouraged and empowered to settle the terms of your divorce in the privacy of 3-4 two hour mediation sessions, with your soon to be ex-spouse, a mediator, and any other representatives you agree should be present (lawyers can be part of the mediation process as well). It is often a venue where you are free to be open and think creatively about solutions and moving forward, rather than hashing out all of the problems and conflicts from your past.

Navigate Your Divorce Putting Your Family First

AMS Mediation offers client-centered divorce mediation services that allow fair and equitable solutions to the most difficult problems in a divorce. All mediation sessions are entirely confidential and allow you to prioritize your family’s well-being as you navigate this difficult time. For more information about our mediation services, call us at 952.252.1492.