Mediation has fast become a very popular option for divorcing couples settling the terms of a separation or a divorce.  You may wonder, however, whether your unique situation is too complicated and whether going through the traditional court system might be a better bet.  You may be surprised to learn that no case is too complicated for divorce mediation.  In fact, the most complex cases may actually be the best candidates for mediation.  AMS Mediation is a leading divorce mediation company based in Burnsville, MN that can help you and your spouse navigate even the most difficult divorce via mediation. 

Benefits of Divorce Mediation Over Court System

Proceeding through the traditional court system to settle a divorce takes significantly more time and money than divorce mediation.  So, when you disagree on many different aspects of the divorce or are experiencing significant conflict, you can expect your divorce to cost more and take even more time than going through the courts.  The court system is by nature adversarial, and often exacerbates conflict, or magnifies it, making it worse.  This can cause many negative long term consequences for you and your family.

Beginning the divorce process with mediation rather than the traditional court system gives you and your divorcing spouse control over how the process goes and control over the overall tone, priority and pace.  If you go through the court system, you are at the mercy of the court’s schedule and have far less control over the process.

You can also invite many experts to help you inform your decisions if you use mediation to settle your divorce.  In addition to your trained and experienced mediator, you can use attorneys, appraisers, therapists, financial planners, accountants and child therapists.  A team approach helps everyone focus on what is best for all involved.  This is particularly important when children are involved.

Role Of Mediator

You may also be concerned that all of the emotion you are feeling will further complicate the divorce mediation process.  The team at AMS Mediation will help you channel this emotion into a positive outcome.  The role of the mediator is to keep you on track and keep you focused on the priorities that you and your divorcing spouse have agreed are important.  Our ultimate goal is to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on the difficult decisions related to your divorce including division of assets and debts, child custody and child/spousal support.  Your mediator will remain neutral during the process, facilitating productive discussion that can yield a positive outcome for your family.

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