Letting Go of MarriageWe hear so many stories of marriages ending in divorce, but not just ending in divorce—ending in contentious, mean-spirited, vengeful divorce. From social media confessions and accusations and public excoriations to celebrity exposes of truly horrible behavior, we have been conditioned to think of divorce as a visitation from the depths of hell.

Those extreme stories may be true for many people, but they do not have to be true for everyone going through a divorce. With help, support and assistance, a couple can realize that they are no longer compatible and would be happier and more fulfilled by ending their relationships. Marriage, by definition, is meant to create a strong intertwining of the couple’s emotional, psychological, social, and financial resources. Marriage connects nearly all aspects of one individual’s life to another individual’s life, and the process of divorce requires a conscious and often tedious separation of those things. If you are lucky enough to be separating from a partner with whom animosity and conflict exist at relatively low levels, AMS Mediation may be your best option as you enter the divorce process.

AMS Mediation’s Approach To Divorce Process

Amber Serwat offers expertise in the emotional, logistical, and legal aspects of divorce. So regardless of the complexity of your particular situation—whether it be more stereotypically contentious or more amicable—you will need impartiality and professionalism from your mediation service. Amber Serwat offers these qualities in abundance. Amber will provide everything from early assessment of best options to more integral insights about how to work through more complex issues that all couples inevitably develop. Her focus is client centered and the goal is to find a way to maintain civility and respect during this difficult time.

AMS Mediation’s Services Include:

  • Mediation of your divorce proceedings, whether or not you have lawyers involved.
  • An initial assessment of the social and financial merits of your divorce to help determine if a settlement can be reached without a court process.
  • Personalized coaching during and after divorce.
  • Parenting coaching to help ensure that your children’s well-being is maximized.
  • If there is a court-appointed process of determining parenting time, Amber Serwat is empowered to enforce and interpret parenting time issues.
  • Appointed by the court to enforce, interpret, and clarify a wide array of parenting issues.

Divorce is never easy, of course, but a professional like Amber Serwat can help you emerge from the process having minimized difficulty, contention, and animosity. If you live in the Minnesota area, and are in need of mediation services, you would do well to seek the assistance of AMS Mediation to move through this journey in a healthy way. Call 1-952-252-1492 for a free consultation.