Mediate Parenting Time in MinnesotaThere is no denying that major changes in one’s marital status is going to produce stress.  When a married couple decides to separate or, more finally, divorce, the impact on the two members of the couple is undeniably stressful and difficult.  AMS Mediation of Burnsville, Minnesota, understands the array of emotional responses associated with divorce, and can provide meaningful assistance to both members of the divorcing couple.  AMS Mediation has made a compelling case for mediated divorce, and has been providing excellent mediation services for Minnesota divorcing couples for many years.  Couples who have sought the services of AMS Mediation know that they have been treated with fairness and equity in hopes of reaching the best possible solutions for all involved.

Mediation Focuses On Best Solutions For Everyone, Including Children

It is that last phrase, “all involved,” that is often lost on less experienced mediators who are facilitating mediated divorce of couples with children.  AMS Mediation, however, has extensive experience and a proven track-record of ensuring that children of divorcing couples are prioritized in the mediation process.  AMS Mediation understands that children lack context, not sensitivity, with regard to matters affecting their adult parents.  A consequence of this combination is that children receive much, if not all, of the emotional strain of divorce, but lack the life experience and emotional and psychological capacity to understand it in a way that would allow them to reduce their stress.  It is because of this combination that children so often blame themselves for their parents’ decision to seek divorce.

Seeking the help of a qualified, professional divorce mediator such as AMS Mediation is increasingly preferable for a variety of reasons.  Doing so typically costs less and results in more satisfying resolution for the divorcing couple.  But an even more important reason to seek out AMS Mediation is the virtual guarantee that your children will be factored into the process so that their well-being is prioritized.  AMS Mediation values the process of ensuring that children are prioritized.  Even if most parents are also similarly committed to ensuring their children’s well-being, the stress of divorce is enough to cause parents to take their eyes off the proverbial ball.  When emotions run high, and especially when one’s divorcing spouse stirs one’s anger, it is often extremely difficult to recognize the impact of one’s anger on one’s children.  But AMS Mediation’s commitment—and its relative objectivity—means that children will not be forgotten in the mediation process.

Mediation Can Help You Move Forward After A Divorce

Few people would ever intentionally ignore their children’s experience with divorce.  AMS Mediation helps guarantee that the stress of divorce doesn’t cloud good people’s judgment.  So mediate parenting time; don’t fight about it.  Call AMS Mediation at 1-952-252-1492 for more information.