AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, offers mediated divorce services for residents of Burnsville and surrounding communities. Over the last 5-10 years divorce mediation has become the preferred choice of couples whose relationships are ending. More couples are showing a preference for not entering into the more traditional court-centered divorce process. AMS Mediation can help you decide whether or not you can benefit from divorce mediation. If you decide to pursue mediated divorce, AMS Mediation can provide you with the help, guidance, and clarity that you need to take your next steps should you decide to do so.

Divorce Mediation Services, Burnsville, MN

Even for people who are in relationships that are on their proverbial last legs, taking the step over the line into the territory of divorce can still be incredibly difficult. For couples who are experiencing a slower degradation of their relationship, however, getting to the point of recognizing that their marriage is over may require the help of a neutral third-party. The nature of AMS Mediation’s work is to provide you with that crucial component of third-party neutrality. AMS Mediation is equipped to help you through the process and come through the process strong and able to look forward.

If you are contemplating divorce, you may wonder if divorce is a good option for you. If your marriage possesses any of the following characteristics, you may be ready to seek the help of an impartial third-party, such as AMS Mediation.

Abuse: If you are receiving physical, psychological, or other abuse, or if you are feeling continually neglected, your marriage is in trouble and you should seek help.

Excessive blaming and/or criticism: These characteristics could fit into the category of contempt, but they are presented separately here so that you can take note of the possibility that blame and excessive criticism can also be offered manipulatively. With contempt, it is usually presented without manipulation. But blaming and criticism can be presented in less obvious, but equally hurtful, ways.

Contempt: If you feel contempt toward, or are receiving contempt from, your spouse, your marriage may be in the kind of trouble served best by divorcing. Contempt is increasingly considered among the most fatal of flaws in a marriage.

Lack of respect and/or excessive fighting or conflict: All people in relationships fight and occasionally show a lack of respect for their partners. But if they have become persistent patterns, and your instinct tells you it is outside the norm or more than what you are willing to put up with, you should consider seeking AMS Mediation’s help. AMS Mediation wants you to educate yourself in order to feel empowered.

AMS Mediation has a strong track record of supporting divorcing couples and families through this difficult time. Call (952) 252-1492 for more information.