AMS Mediation understands that the finalizing of your divorce does not necessarily mean that conflict between you and your ex-spouse goes away. Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation is an expert in divorce mediation and focuses on providing mediation both during and after divorce. If you need help working through an issue with your former spouse, you can count on AMS Mediation to offer you the benefit of their experience and expertise before, during, and after your divorce.

Post-Divorce Mediation

A strong mediator will inspire your confidence and trust in a number of ways. We at AMS Mediation have proven our capacity to serve our clients throughout the stages of divorce. Mediation after divorce tends to be an overlooked, but extremely important, aspect of the mediation process. Couples who have completed the divorce process may come to believe that there will be no further conflict between them. But many divorced people find that the various needs for continued communication, such as parenting issues or lingering financial concerns, result in conflict that must be addressed even after the divorce is final.

Parenting Issues After Divorce

Parenting issues are among the more common issues that cause divorced people to need to remain in touch with each other. As your children age and you move on with your life, issues arise about custody, education, healthcare, and religion that simply cannot be predicted at the time of divorce. These issues are ideally suited for post-divorce mediation.

Divorce can be extremely stressful and upsetting and it does not discriminate in its selection of who’s affected or when that occurs, including after the finalizing of the divorce process. Our beliefs about marriage often come from unrealistic expectations about everlasting love, soul mates, and other notions that get tripped up by reality. When reality intrudes on our lives and we find that our marriage is coming to an end, our emotional response is often akin to the grief we feel when a loved-one dies. So if your divorce becomes final, but your relationship does not, consider contacting AMS Mediation to help you and your former spouse make progress toward a healthier relationship so you can both move forward.

Navigate Important Issues After A Divorce

AMS Mediation provides insight when you need it, but perhaps most important is Amber’s ability to inspire you to find the insight that exists in you. We established our reputation as an outstanding mediation service by helping people navigate their divorce. And, we are here to help even after your divorce is final. Contact our team at AMS Mediation 952.252.1492 to learn more.