AMS Mediation serves the South Metro area of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota and offers expertise in the area of divorce mediation. AMS Mediation has earned their reputation as an effective service for people during and also after divorce. Our team cares about our clients and will provide support and assistance during the divorce process and, arguably even more importantly, after a divorce. An effective mediator will create an environment in which the degree of conflict that exists in a divorce proceeding can be minimized, if not eliminated.

Solving Conflict After A Divorce

AMS Mediation’s staff seeks to create a feeling of comfort in their presence and confidence in their professional acumen. The process of divorcing can create tremendous stress, even in circumstances in which the divorce is relatively amicable. In all cases, it is important to be able to place your trust in your divorce mediator. You are highly likely to feel both comfortable with and confident in the AMS Mediation staff, a direct result of the capacity to empathize with your circumstances.

Divorce, regardless of how amicable it may be, is among the most stressful experiences adults can go through. Most of us who get married do so because we believe that we will remain married for the rest of our lives. Whether it is the momentum of the stories we are told as children or a more logically informed desire to unite with the person we believe will be our lifelong partner, marriage is hard work, and it still ends in divorce for more than half of us. The stress caused by the dissolution of a marriage does not end when the final papers have been signed. Your lives are intertwined, with finances, property and often times, children, so many things connect you and your ex-spouse even after your divorce. The reality is that the courts cannot adequately handle numerous changes and questions that come up after a divorce.

Moving Forward After A Divorce

The team at AMS Mediation can help with a wide variety of issues that come up between a divorced couple, including relocations, changes to parenting plans, and many other issues related to co-parenting after a divorce. Our team will offer support and objectivity which will help you find solutions and a clear path forward in your newly separated lives.

If you live in the South Metro area and have recently finalized your divorce and have issues that still need to be resolved, call the team at AMS Mediation at 952.252.1492 for more information about how mediation might be able to help.