Mediation after your Divorce MNWhen you are in the midst of a divorce, it is easy to think that once your divorce is final, the issues between you and your spouse disappear and your problems are over. However, in many cases, a divorce is simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. The fact is that circumstances can change significantly after divorce is final and these changes impact many things including finances, child custody agreements, child and spousal support. Post-decree mediation is a process that allows you and your former spouse to resolve issues that come up after divorce without going back to court. AMS Mediation can help you address issues that come up in your family after your divorce so that you do not have to spend the time and money investing in further litigation.

Post-Decree Mediation Services in MN

Once a court order is submitted as part of your divorce settlement, you and former spouse must agree to the terms of any major change related to financial matters, child or spousal support payments, and child custody (also known as parenting time). Some common reasons for the need for post-decree mediation include job change, relocation, the changing needs of your children as they age, health or educational issues. This process allows you to reach resolution in a safe, supportive and constructive environment that values cooperation and collaboration rather than promoting further conflict. Mediation gives you the opportunity to control the outcome of your situation, rather than leaving this control in the hands of a judge.

Other important benefits of post-decree mediation include:

● Modeling positive behavior for your children
● Reducing overall conflict between you and your former spouse
● Maintaining confidentiality
● Reducing the time it takes to resolve the issue at hand
● Effective co-parenting strategy
● Allowing you to come up with a resolution that is creative and works well for your family
● Less expensive than litigation

Minnesota Post-Divorce Mediation

AMS Mediation specializes in offering all types of divorce mediation services including post-decree mediation. The divorce process begins with the decision to divorce and does not end when the papers are signed. When issues come up after a divorce that need to be resolved, partnering with a company that has experience in mediation and knowledge of Minnesota law can go a long way toward helping you find resolution quickly. This will allow you to continue moving forward, rather than focusing on all of the pain in the past. For more information about AMS Mediation, contact 952-252-1492.