Divorce is never an easy thing. According to recent statistics, 40-50% of married couples in the United States typically get divorced. While we can now say that divorce is a pretty common thing, it’s still extremely difficult to get through. At AMS Mediation, we understand that your divorce isn’t like every other. We don’t treat you like a common percentage here. Just like every person is different, so is every divorce. At AMS Mediation, we believe that even though every divorce is different and complicated, we can help with choosing the right pathways for couples to find peace in their decisions and move forward with their new lives.

Why Mediation?

So many people think that you have to be getting along to participate in divorce mediation. Others think that their marriage is far too sour to come to an agreement in mediation. However, mediation provides some great benefits that make it much more ideal than some expensive courtroom brawl. First and foremost, divorces aren’t cheap. Mediation helps alleviate those financial burdens so that your money can be saved for the future. Additionally, mediation can give each individual some satisfaction in knowing that they came to these agreements as opposed to having to follow the court orders that could be imposed. Not only can it be emotionally beneficial for each individual, it can really help children cope and reduce conflict when it comes to their parents’ separation. Even if you think your divorce is impossible, have a little hope with mediation. Mediation does not focus on the past but rather looks at the present and the future.

Creating a Settlement

When you go through mediation, we like to focus on the most important things first. The “hot ticket” items that almost always come up tend to be:

● Property Division
● Financial Support
● Parenting Plan

These topics have an enormous impact on your quality of life in the future. Do you really want to leave it up to the courtroom to make your life decisions? In mediation, we discuss these issues in a confined, safe and constructive environment. Our mediator does not take sides but rather allows equal talking time and point clarification for both parties. This allows an easier flow of communication and warrants proper decision making.

Ready to know more? AMS Mediation offers a free one-hour consultation to discuss with you and your spouse how the mediation process works and if it’s right for the both of you. For more information, give AMS Mediation in Burnsville, MN a call today at 952.252.1492 or send us an email at amber@amsmediationplus.com.