Going through a divorce or separating from a domestic partnership can be very difficult especially when children are involved. Mediation is a positive and effective way for couples to take control of their separation or divorce without the expense, time and often damaging effects that result from litigation. Dealing with an ongoing parental conflict is difficult and can be disruptive for the parents and the children. Oftentimes couples have a hard time negotiating and communicating and that is why it can be necessary to seek out a mediator. Even when times seem too tough, or you think your issues are going to be impossible to resolve, this is almost always untrue, and mediators are specifically trained to help deal with these hard times.

Amber is specifically trained to offer an objective opinion and to brainstorm solutions to help the couple compromise and keep the lines of communication open. She offers solutions and mediation for both separating couples and for parenting couples. Parenting services can either help address a single issue or can be an ongoing service to help you throughout the years of raising your children together.

As the legal process is not constructed to provide diplomatic marital ending or help facilitate couples to move from a marriage to co-parenting your children together, it is oftentimes the best to seek out a mediator to make this process a smooth transition. Amber has first hand experience with her own divorce and experienced first hand how dysfunctional the court system is when going through a divorce, and this is why she has decided to dedicate her career in helping provide service for other couples going through a divorce.

As a divorced parents of two children, and a step parent, she has the experience to help her understand what is necessary and the importance of communication and negotiation. Walking a similar path as many of her clients she can bring her empathy to the table and provide her clients with the solutions they need. Being able to transform her past relationship from high conflict to a healthy co-parenting situation, she knows the skills it takes and can help provide you with these to transform your relationship.

As a parent, Amber believes that children need and want both parents to be involved in their life and that parents should work together in order to develop a plan to successfully raise their children together and work hard to separate their parenting from other issues or old issues in their relationships. To be successful it is important to have a parenting bridge between their individual lives and their co-parenting lives. With my many years of experience in the business and personal experience I can help you succeed.