Minneapolis/St Paul Divorce MediatorsThe process of seeking and finalizing a divorce is not only time-consuming, emotionally wrenching, and financially burdensome, it is also complicated and stressful. If you find yourself in the position of seeking or experiencing a divorce, it is worth considering searching for a divorce mediator who will provide you with the kind of advocacy that can reduce the stress associated with the divorce process. Divorce mediators offer a kind of advocacy that the traditional lawyers-and-courts processes cannot. Divorce mediation offers the possibility for more peaceful reconciliation of differences, agreements that work for all involved (this is especially true when children are involved), and the security of knowing that a qualified professional has your best interests in mind.

If you are in the process of getting a divorce in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, consider the divorce mediation services offered by AMS Mediation. AMS Mediation offers you the benefit of direct experience with divorce and knowledge of the many legal processes that are not nearly as easily accessed by lay people going through such an experience. Divorce mediation services, as contrasted with the more traditional court processes, allow for greater flexibility of decision-making related to the separation of property, the accurate and fair distribution of remaining debt, parental visitation (when there are children involved), and other complicated aspects of divorce.

Minneapolis/St Paul Divorce Mediators

More and more, people are choosing divorce mediation services over the traditional court-related process because of such factors. While divorce is likely to be at least difficult and stressful, if not always excruciatingly painful, divorce mediation has the potential to help you feel supported in ways that the traditional court process does not. Divorce mediators, such as Amber Serwat, invest their time in you and in helping you and your divorcing spouse determine the most amicable and reasonable resolution of differences. But even if amicability and reasonableness are at a minimum in your specific case, divorce mediation will help you understand the importance of having an advocate on your side—someone, like Amber Serwat, who understands the stress and difficulty of what you are going through and will extend you not only empathy but expertise with the many complicated components of dissolving a marriage.

Though no one is likely to enter a marriage with the intent of one day getting divorced, divorce is inevitable for many of us. The element of surprise, therefore, can deal us a blow that is hard to recover from. But a service such as that offered by AMS Mediation can do much to help you emerge from the difficulty more ready to get back on your feet.