Trying to work on an agreement on your own is difficult and it can become messy.  Letting the courts do it for you is expensive and it won’t always turn out well for either party.  If your goals are getting the most out of the process and coming to a fair and peaceable resolution, the family and divorce mediation process makes the most sense.  Mediators are good at creating an atmosphere where both parties feel comfortable.  They will work with you to highlight a way that both parties can be satisfied with the outcome.

Family and divorce mediation remains an excellent idea for those couples who cannot come to an amenable agreement.  Custody, parenting and child support issues are complicated and they can be emotional.  The two sides tend to get adversarial and this can create more problems.  When there are children involved, things become even more difficult and there is much more at stake.  The best way to work out an agreement is to sit down and allow both parties to get their needs out on the table.  There is almost always a middle ground, and a mediator can help you to find it.

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