Once the dust has settled after your divorce, you quickly realize that you and your ex-spouse still have to navigate a whole host of issues that may not have been ironed out in your official legal settlement. Co-parenting after a divorce can be complicated to say the least. One issue that often comes up for families is the need (or desire) to change the kid’s schedule from time to time. The holidays present a unique challenge and continue to be an issue even years after a divorce is finalized. AMS Mediation of Burnsville, MN, offers post-divorce mediation services that can assist as families navigate scheduling difficult changes or problems so that families can do what is best for all involved and minimize the conflict along the way.

Divorce and Parenting Mediation Services, Burnsville, MN

The court system is simply not set up to litigate every single change and minor problem that comes up for families after a divorce. However, mediation is ideal for resolving all types of issues that come up post-divorce including holiday schedule changes. Mediation allows for the fact that it is simply impossible to plan for each and every instance that will come up after your divorce. Things change, priorities change, kids age and have different needs, adults change jobs and sometimes even need to move. Mediation can be a starting point for finding solutions that will work for all parties.

Co-Parenting After Divorce

A mediator will serve as a neutral third party and facilitate positive and productive discussions about all types of co-parenting issues. Often, when communication is clear, open and controlled in a neutral setting, it is easier to find areas of compromise, and solutions that are workable. AMS Mediation can help you minimize the natural conflict that comes with changes that come up after divorce and can connect you with additional parenting resources should you need them. And, if you and your ex-spouse are unable to reach an agreement using mediation, AMS Mediation can also offer a parenting consultant or a parenting time expeditor, who can provide a more specialized approach to resolving the most difficult issues.

AMS Mediation offers professional and comprehensive divorce mediation and parenting support services to those in the Minnesota area. Changes are expected after a divorce and mediation is designed to offer a safe and constructive environment in which to solve these issues. Call our team today at 952.252.1492 to schedule a free consultation.