Minnesota Divorce Mediation AMS Mediation is a trusted and experienced Minnesota divorce mediation service. If you and your spouse have decided that it is time to end your marriage, divorce mediation could be the best path forward for you. The benefits of a mediated divorce are numerous, and the process has become much more accessible as a result of the growing expertise of divorce mediators in the area like Amber Serwat of AMS Mediation.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The first advantage of working with a divorce mediator, as opposed to working through the more traditional court system, is lower cost. In almost all cases, working with a divorce mediator reduces your out-of-pocket cost significantly. This is because a divorce mediator works to help you and your spouse find solutions to disagreements and outstanding conflict. By contrast, court-based divorces typically involve an adversarial approach with each person in the couple hiring an attorney. In many cases, attorneys are motivated to win their case, which means that it is more likely that one spouse will lose. However, a good divorce mediator communicates a desire to resolve conflict and find solutions to disagreements that create the most benefit for all who are a part of the divorce.

Even if emotions are running high between you and your spouse, it is still possible to find common ground. This is an especially important aspect of divorce mediation if you have children. AMS Mediation’s approach to divorce mediation is centered on finding win-win solutions to issues between you and your spouse, and that approach is most easily observed when we address the issues that relate to your children. Your children deserve your best effort to end your marriage in as positive a way as possible, and we have the training, expertise, and knowledge of Minnesota divorce law to make that happen.

Settle your Divorce with Mediation

It is amazing what a difference a positive approach can make in resolving conflict. It is for that reason that AMS Mediation has earned such a strong reputation for helping couples finalize their divorces. We are very good at finding the right balance between sunny optimism and acknowledgment of the painful realities of a relationship that is coming to an end. When you work with AMS Mediation, you will know that you are cared for, and that the care we provide is informed by professional expertise. Call us at 952.252.1492 and we will be happy to provide you with more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation.