Burnsville Early Neutral EvaluationDespite our common knowledge of the statistics—more than fifty-percent of marriages end in divorce—few, if any, of us enter into a marriage thinking it will end in divorce. The sad reality, however, is that we must entertain the possibility, no matter how certain we are when we enter into the marital contract. If we find ourselves in the position of facing a divorce, it will be important for us to be prepared for all contingencies.

But another sad reality is that, unless we have the proper training, we are unlikely to have the wherewithal to proceed through divorce and serve as our own best advocates. Fortunately, though, for those in the vicinity of Burnsville, Minnesota, AMS Mediation can be helpful in your progression through the divorce process.

Getting Through The Difficult Process Of Divorce

AMS Mediation offers expertise in a relatively new addition to divorce mediation: Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). Early Neutral Evaluation, offered by a qualified professional, provides an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a divorce case and a range of most likely results if the divorce case goes to trial. AMS Mediation makes its determinations based on knowledge of law and precedents regarding specific judges’ past rulings, offering insight into possible outcomes.

Divorce proceedings are designed to be complicated. Couples merge most aspects of their lives—from the emotional to the psychological to the emotional and, arguably the most complicated, the financial—and separating the combined resources to their pre-marital state can be enormously complex. More and more, though, divorcing couples are opting for mediated divorce, via services provided by qualified mediators like AMS Mediation. Doing so allows couples—especially those with relationships that promise fewer complications, less conflict, or less complex financial ties; or couples in need of more concentrated evaluation because of greater conflict or more complex intertwining of resources—to feel assured of neutrality in the process of divorcing.

Many Benefits of Using Mediation In A Divorce

When couples enter divorce proceedings with a mediator, often the process can be completed simply, and with greater comfort that advocacy will be meted out equally to both members of the divorcing couple. Divorce proceedings that are relatively simple, therefore, can proceed smoothly. In cases that involve more enmity between divorcing couples, expert mediation, like that provided by Amber Serwat Mediation, each member of the divorcing couple can be assured of neutrality and decisions that are made based on the best interests of all involved.

Whatever describes your experience as you face divorce, AMS Mediation (952.252.1492) can be vital to the successful and healthy dissolution of marriage.