Minnesota Divorce SupportVirtually no one ever gets married believing they will get divorced. Even allowing for some really bad behavior in relationships that results in divorce proceedings, the likelihood that anyone aims for divorce has to be close to absolute zero. But divorce remains a reality for still more than fifty percent of couples who get married, and regardless of one’s circumstances, divorce is among the most stressful experiences a person can go through. When we hear the word divorce, the first images to enter our minds are most likely to be the adults who are seeking to end their marital union. But we cannot forget those who likely come to mind next: the children of those parents who are seeking divorce.

Minimizing the Impact Of Conflict On Your Kids

If you are in any stage of divorce proceedings, and if children are involved, consider seeking help from AMS Divorce Mediation who can help you find a way to get through the process in a healthy way and help minimize the impact of adult conflict on the children in the family. One of the realities of divorce is that it is extremely likely to require one’s attention to a degree that causes some very important aspects of life to be placed on the proverbial backburner. Sometimes, children are those important aspects of life that are placed on the backburner. We all know that they should not be; but we all know that sometimes it is inevitable.

Mediation Services Can Help Navigate Divorce In A Healthy Way

But a service like AMS Mediation can provide the push, the reminder, the inspiration that is needed to understand the experience of children who are also experiencing your divorce. Children are thought to be resilient and adaptive, and it is true that they are. But we all have limitations, and in that regard children are no different. Children who are affected by divorce are tested in ways that they do not have the experience or context to adequately navigate. And one additional burden on divorcing parents, who do not abdicate responsibility for their children regardless of the stress they are under, is to be attentive to their children during such times. It may seem obvious, but multiple studies show that parents who are divorcing have a difficult time tending to the stress their children are under. And what may escape such parents is the fact that the effects of conflict and the children’s loss of resilience can become permanent.

AMS Mediation offers divorce mediation services and a wide variety of parenting services and education classes that can give you the tools to help you minimize painful conflict and your children through the difficult process of divorce. Call our team at 1-952-252-1492 to get started.