MN Divorce MediationMediation is fast becoming a sought after alternative to the traditional court system for those navigating the divorce process. In fact, mediation has become one of the most frequently used methods of settling a divorce. There are many reasons for this shift and many benefits for pursuing mediation if you are facing a pending divorce.

Benefits of our Minnesota Divorce/Family Mediation Services:

  • Maintain Control: If you work through the court system for a divorce, you are bound by their systems and ultimately their decisions for things like child custody, spousal support and asset and debt division. Mediation allows you and your ex-partner a voice in this process. You are allowed to offer your opinion about a wide variety of decisions and hear the opinion of your soon to be ex-spouse. In many cases this yields a more amicable outcome.
  • Costs less and takes less time: In nearly all cases, mediation proves to be less expensive than court litigation and also takes less time. Lawsuits can take months and sometimes even years, while mediation most often takes hours to days.
  • More amicable solutions: Not only does mediation cost less and take less time but it often results in a decision that both parties are more satisfied with, setting a stronger foundation for co-parenting after divorce. Because mediation centers around finding compromise instead of a winner and a loser, both parties can walk away feeling like their needs were met.
  • Out of the box solutions: Mediation also allows you and your ex-spouse to come up with solutions for the unique issues to resolve in your divorce. You can think outside of the box for solutions that might work for you, but would not be a traditional solution from the court’s perspective.

AMS Mediation Can Help You Move Forward After Divorce

AMS Mediation provides the highest quality mediation services in the Minnesota area. Our experienced team can help clients find divorce and parenting solutions that will help you put this difficult part of your life behind you so that you can finally move forward. AMS Mediation will help you find affordable, effective and workable solutions that traditional litigation might not achieve.

In addition to mediation services, AMS Mediation offers divorce education and parenting education classes that can equip you and your ex-spouse with information that can help you begin the next part of your journey in a positive way. We recognize that going through a divorce is difficult and stressful, but it can yield a positive result and be the beginning of the next phase of your life. If you would like more information about moving forward with mediation services, call AMS Mediation at 1-952-252-1492.